Trade Insurance

Trade insurance policies include:

  • Income protection
  • Public liability
  • Tool insurance

Being self employed or owning your own business means investing in yourself and having insurance can be vital. Thousands of dollars of damage can be easy to occur whilst working on a job and public liability cover can be the difference between bankruptcy and financial stability.

Being a trades person, tools are an essential part of your work and without these you cannot operate your business successfully. Theft of tools is a threat to your business and when it can involve expensive equipment, you need the piece of mind that you are covered and can purchase new tools at no extra cost.

There are certain risks faced every day by trade people which can result in a personal accident or injury requiring time off, from a few days to a few months. Income protection can ensure that you won’t risk bankruptcy and that you are covered if this happens.

There are many different trades that can get trade cover insurance including carpentry, electrical, fencing, gardening, handyman, landscaping, painting/decorating, plumbing, tiling/carpeting and many more. To ensure you get the best cover for your type of trade please make contact with us so we can assess your exact needs.